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Helping Athletes Stay in the Game & on the Field

man and woman kettle ball fitnessFrom young athletes to millennial CrossFitters to senior golfers, athletes of all ages can benefit from chiropractic care. Chiropractic can help you develop and maintain good posture, improve your agility and increase your range of motion. It also can prevent injury.

Chiropractic also can help sports performance in three areas:

Increases flexibility

Regardless of what type of sport you participate in, flexibility is crucial. When the spine is aligned, the body can perform as it should and have optimal flexibility.

Improves mobility

When an athlete has better flexibility, they can move better. Chiropractic can help to loosen the joints and spine, allowing energy to flow throughout the body. When blood flow increases, nutrients and oxygen are transported much more efficiently to the vital organs and brain. When you achieve this whole-body wellness, you can attain better mobility.

Reduces the risk of injury

As chiropractic helps the body stay flexible, there is a reduced risk of injury. Tight muscles can develop into injuries. Because chiropractic aligns the body and promotes flexibility, the chances of pulling or tearing a muscle or ligament are dramatically reduced.

Frequency of Visits

You may be wondering how often you should come in for care if you’re an athlete. We think of seeing a chiropractor the same way you would a dentist—for preventative care.

Doing so allows your body to always function optimally. By seeing us for maintenance visits, we can identify any minor issues as they develop, rather than trying to correct them after they’ve progressed into a more serious injury.

If you or your child is an athlete, contact us today to book an appointment. Dr. Marcuzzo can help you be at your athletic best!

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