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Experience Comfortable Acupuncture—No Needles Required

auriculotherapy femaleMost people, when they think of acupuncture, imagine needles and points on the skin. But you can use electrical microcurrent, which is what we offer in addition to traditional acupuncture.

Many Ways to Provide Acupuncture

According to Dr. Marcuzzo, there are approximately 11 different ways to stimulate an acupuncture point. But the general public thinks that needles must be used. And not just needles, but many people believe that large hypodermic needles will be used. That scares people. The reality is the needles that we use are tiny and ultrathin. Patients feel little discomfort when needles are inserted.

With the microcurrent, you barely can even feel that. You’re also not piercing the skin. Or coming in contact with blood.

Generally when you use needles, you leave them in for anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. With microcurrent acupuncture, Dr. Marcuzzo can speed up the healing time and the time it takes to provide the therapy.

What to Expect

Most people come in apprehensive about acupuncture because of the needles. After their session, many will say, “Oh, that was so relaxing,” or “I’ve never slept better in my life.” It’s quite common to hear patients tell Dr. Marcuzzo that they’re already feeling better after their sessions.

The majority of patients are going to respond in the first six to eight sessions—some less, some more. It depends on each patient’s condition, how they acquired it and how long they’ve had it, etc. Generally, Dr. Marcuzzo will recommend a dozen sessions to start with and then evaluate.

Whether you prefer traditional acupuncture or don’t want needles used, we can provide effective acupuncture that gets our patient results. Contact us today to book a session!

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